About Us

Foto Alberto Julho 2014

My name is Alberto Nilson Biochemical Engineer, born in Chile, the author of this program

Today I live in São Paulo, Brazil with my lovely wife Angelica. Father of two admirable sons: Priscila and Rodney.

I have dedicated my professional life to the development of nutritional foods in Latin America, with articles published on the subject in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

At the beginning of my professional career, some 30 years ago, I made ​​presentations on Empty Calories and Glycemic Load.

At that time the concept of Glycemic Load was applied only to diabetics and foods for sports. Later it showed to be useful to achieve and maintain a healthy weight

This program is the result of my personal history with the balance and the long hours invested deepening my knowledge of biochemistry, nutrition, sports psychology to learn how to reach and maintain a healthy weight

Despite being a professional in the area of food it was stunning to realize how little we know about how our metabolism works .

My research and studies allowed me to develop totally new concepts to help to achieve an optimal nutrition, not only to slim and maintain a healthy weight, but also to achieve at all times an optimal physical and mental performance, mood and immune capacity, eating everything and making a pleasant physical activity.

In this work I share with you everything I learned and the new concepts I developed