Optimum Health



Our ancestors, before the agricultural and industrial revolution, had the right foods to their genetics. It was rich in all kinds of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients. It also did not have excess of carbohydrates or fats as current foods.

For this reason, modern non-communicable diseases listed in the table were practically non-existent.

Enfermedades modernas EN
Our bodies have an optimal immune system to tackle attack of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi, which depends of the adequate intake on nutrients.
After the agricultural and industrial revolution in our food introduced a large number of nutrient-poor refined foods (empty calories) and high in carbohydrates and fats, which are responsible for all nutritional problems we face.
Furthermore, the modern life caused the increase of environmental contaminants. As we approach our ancestral food we increase our defenses against these pollutants.
Approaching the maximum to the Food of Our Origins, low in empty calories, fat and carbohydrates and high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients, you will lose weight in a healthy way.