Optimal mental performance

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Brain development in the maternal womb during pregnancy and during childhood depends on our food, which has a strong impact on our mental capacity and intelligence. What we ​​eat (or not) at every meal affects the performance of our brain, which has a positive (or negatively) impact on our social, labor and intellectual performance.

Mother´s nutrition

If nutrition of the mother is inadequate, the child brain is not fully developed. We know that lack of nutrients such as iodine, iron and polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially DHA, affect the development of our brain.
Lack of iodine and iron during pregnancy has a negative effect on our intelligence through life.

Food during childhood

Nutrition during childhood is important to complete the development of our brain.

For example, lack of iron before five years old makes that the intelligence level is below compared with the one of children who had adequate nutrition. Considering that today one every three people suffer from iron deficiency, mainly children and women of childbearing age, it is clear that many of us did not reach the full development of our intellectual capacity.

Meal to meal

The brain depends on a continuous flow of glucose as energy source. The fall in the level of glucose in the blood causes that our mental performance decrease dramatically, reducing our ability to pay attention, analyze information and focus, which affects our work and social performance.
We will see that both, a lack and an excess of carbohydrates at each meal, dramatically affect our mental performance.
We have all experienced the feeling that at times we face problems of concentration and difficulties to pay attention during the day. Few people realize that this is entirely due to the lack of food.
The sleep sensation after a meal is due to eating excess carbohydrates, which totally affects our mental performance.
In this program, you will learn how to eat to maintain at all times your mental performance at an optimal level.
In addition, you will see the ideal diet to ensure optimal brain development during pregnancy and infancy.