Optimal physical performance

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Our physical capacity depends on two factors:

Nutrition during our development

The food we have during our growth, beginning during pregnancy, in the womb of our mother, and continuing through childhood, has a dramatic effect on our physical development.

We know that consuming adequate amounts of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K ensures the development of our bones to the maximum that our genetics has prepared us. A lack of these nutrients is responsible for short stature, affecting our physical capacity.

All cases of cleft lip are due to the lack folic acid (vitamin B9) of the mother during the first three months of pregnancy. Imagine how many problems of inappropriate development we can have, just for the fact that our mother had an improper nutrition during pregnancy?

In fact, there is a consensus that the mother should start with an adequate nutrition long before thinking about getting pregnant.

In this program you will learn in an easy, simple and clear way, the nutrition that will allow you the ideal development of your body.

Physical Activity

Physical activity allows us to develop strong muscles to cope with the daily physical activity.

Without physical activity, apart from making difficult the possibility of slimming as we burn little energy, makes us to lose muscle, which become weak, which in turn leads us to a sedentary lifestyle, becoming a vicious circle.

Physical Performance

Our physical performance depends on our physical capacity developed as mentioned above and on the nutrition we get from our daily foods.

Note that I mentioned “daily food” and not daily diet.

In this program you will see that what you eat or do not eat, if you skip a meal or you eat too much in another, has an extreme negative impact on our physical performance.

For example, did you know that the typical sleep after lunch is mainly due to eating too much carbohydrate?

A lack of iron in our diet leads to the known and feared anemia, which has a devastating impact on our physical performance. Did you know that today one in three people suffers from a “hidden” iron deficiency? This occurs mainly in children and in women of childbearing age.

In this program you will see the foods to which we are genetically prepared and guarantees an optimal development of physical capacity and keeps an optimal physical performance at any time.