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Tomato could reduce breast cancer


Since long ago it is known that post-menopausal women are at increased risk of developing breast cancer. A diet rich in tomatoes may help to reduce this risk. The National Cancer Institute estimates that in U.S. women have a 12.4% risk of developing breast cancer at some point in their lives. This risk increases significantly for women over age 50.

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White or brown sugar?

azucar blanco o mascavo

Many people ask me about the differences between refined sugar ( white ) and brown. Most think that brown sugar is healthier than refined. Some think that brown helps to slim. Let’s see how far we can confirm these perceptions. Production Brown sugar is obtained directly from the concentrated juice extracted from sugarcane. White sugar is further refined to remove

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The cost of healthcare increases with overweight

cuidado medico

A recent study from Duke University in Singapore found that cost of healthcare increases proportionally to the increase of the overweight. An additional reason for attacking those extra pounds.   The research compared the Body Mass Index (BMI) with the annual cost of health care (doctor visits and prescription medicaments) in more than 17,700 university employees who were of the

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