Greens are super-foods because they are rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber.

Moreover, they are excellent source of protein.

As practically they have no fat and carbohydrates, they are extremely low in caloric density.

So, you can consume a large amount of these super-foods

Use these foods to get the satiety that occurs when you have the stomach full

To learn more, choose a green:

Flowers: Artichoke  /  broccoli  /  cauliflower

Fruits not sweet: Cucumber  /  eggplant  /  pepper  /  pumpkin  /  chu-chu  /  tomato  /  zucchini

Leaves: Cabbage  /  chard  /  chicory  /  letucce  /  rucula  /  spinach  /  watercress

Tuber non starchy: Beetroot  /  carrot  /  onion  /  radish  /  turnip

Other: Palm hearts