Selection of the ideal portion of animal protein depends on our protein needs and the quantity of protein we get from other foods.

Interesting to note that when satisfaying our caloric needs with greens, nuts and legumes we get more protein than what we need.

In the same way, cereals and tubers provide more than half of the proteins and fruits about half

Therefore, with the animal sources we need to cover only between a quarter and a half of our needs for protein.

If you are following a low-calorie diet the ideal is to get from animal sources half of our daily protein needs.

Select a food

Poultry: Chicken / Turkey / Duck  /  Eggs

Fish: White fish / Salmon / Tuna

Seafood: Mussel / Oyster / Shrimp / Squid / Crab

Animal: Cow / Pork / Lamb  /  Liver